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Dear President Trump: The President of the United States has an historic opportunity to bring the fight to traffickers all around the world and free millions from modern slavery. That's why I'm calling on you to make the Generation Freedom platform a priority for your Administration, including a commitment to investing $3 billion in annual anti-trafficking efforts. I am part of Generation Freedom -- and you should be, too.

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Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, yet the U.S. government only invests $150 million a year to fight it. Traffickers make 1,000 times more in profits off this heinous crime then we spend fighting them in a year. That’s not a fair fight. Join us in calling on President Trump to commit just two cents for every dollar in profits traffickers make to fight human trafficking. That would yield a $3 billion annual budget to invest in programs that have proven to prevent human trafficking, punish offenders, and provide support and services to survivors.


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human trafficking victims around the world

The Time is Now

There are more people enslaved today than any time in history

There are more than 20 million victims of human trafficking around the world. They are boys and girls, men and women, exploited for labor or commercial sex. Slavery is illegal in every country in the world, but cases of forced labor and sex trafficking are found all around the globe, including in all 50 states and territories in the United States. Eradicating modern day slavery is not something any individual or organization can do alone. But together, with bold and sustained Presidential leadership, this is a fight we can win.

How We End It

Human trafficking is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive response. We are asking the President of the United States to commit $3 billion in annual funding divided between anti-trafficking efforts here in the United States and around the world.

Click on the icons below to read about our comprehensive approach. All programs should be developed with the critical input from survivors.

Secure Freedom

Partnerships between law enforcement, government officials and non-profit organizations have proven to be an effective way to help victims secure freedom. While law enforcement arrest and prosecute traffickers operating brothels, illegal brick kilns or factories, non-profits and government agencies provide needed services to survivors. Millions more will secure freedom when these strategies are brought to scale.

Support and Empower Survivors

Survivors of trafficking have complex needs, which may include housing, health care, education, legal support and job training. Every survivor of trafficking should have access to comprehensive victim-centered, trauma-informed care—which have proven to help survivors recover and thrive. Yet many are turned away from access to these critical services because of funding constraints.

Law Enforcement and Prosecution

When law enforcement has the training and resources to go after trafficking networks, criminals are brought to justice. Justice systems across the United States and around the world need resources to increase prosecutions of all actors involved in the business of trafficking, while ensuring that victims are not criminalized and are offered services.

Business Supply Chains

When businesses hold their suppliers to high standards, and monitor their practices—human trafficking is eliminated from supply chains. These supply chains are complex and span the globe, however, when existing tools are brought to scale, we leverage technology and data innovations to root out unscrupulous suppliers and ensure the well being and human rights of workers.


Traffickers prey on vulnerable people: migrants seeking a better life, refugees, homeless and runaway youth, children in foster care, people with disabilities and survivors of natural disasters. Prevention programs targeting at risk populations, communities and youth have proven to reduce vulnerability. Increasing the prosecution of traffickers ensures that others will not exploit those vulnerable with impunity. Together and to scale, these interventions can help us prevent human trafficking.

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